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Some of my Past and present Projects

Stuart Beam Engine

Stuart Beam Engine

This is the Stuart Beam Engine run on steam.

Found this engine in a shed that was open to the outside and as you can tell it rusted up a bit, need total restoration.


1962 Cushman Road King

Finished restoring this Cushman Scooter they are a work in progress.


Morrison & Marvin Engine Works


 This is a miniature replica of a Wilton vice. Quarter Scale of a 4 ½” vise, jaw 1 1/8”wide Throat 1 ¾”, Height 1 ½”, length 4 ½”.

There was more work to this than meets the eye but was a nice change of pace.


Orr & Sembower Steam engine W/Boiler

Orr & Sembower Steam Engine and Boiler at the Cabin Fever Expo Show 2013

Running at Cabin Fever show


O&S as found

This is the same engine and Boiler as I found in this condition.


O&S Today

Running at the Florida Flywheelers show